My Diary
was born from a series of sketches of fantasy where the characters live their strange situations that are everyday life.
MyDiary's illustrations are so as the pages of their diary where you can find their funny lives.
For Eye Paint version we have included the animated parts and little surprises that the child can discover fun coloring and entering more into the world of MyDiary.

                                                                  Eye Paint  "MyDiary" is
                                                                   a Universal app for iPhone,
                                                                  iPad and iPod Touch
                                                                  by CURIOUS HAT

Thanks to the fantastic team of Curious Hat:
Luca, Erwan and Nadia, MyDiary's illustrations
could become an Eye Paint application.

Artist's profile: Mitsue Haya

"Children are exposed to visual stimulation from a very early age, so it plays a crucial role in their development,” said Curious Hat Creative Director, Nadia Andreini. “The Eye Paint series introduces children to the illustrations of a wide range of international artists, and each of their unique styles.  We are delighted to introduce Eye Paint MyDIARY, which has been designed and animated by the amazing Mitsue Haya. Mitsue’s charming illustrations take us through the diary of range of characters who find themselves in unusual daily situations, with some unexpected surprises! The animations encourage children to interact with the characters, and find what’s hiding in each picture.”

MyDIARY artist, Mitsue Haya, said: "What struck me immediately about the Eye Paint series, is that it uses visual language to engage children in an active way. Children are encouraged to think and explore the world around them, taking them beyond the confines of the screen. The creativity of children is boundless . It is our task as adults to foster and develop this."

Curious Hat CTO, Erwan Maigret said, “Our goal is to develop a range of apps that can share content, and which can be used by kids to extend their educational and discovery experiences through the use of mobile devices. Over the coming months, we will be launching more exciting apps in multiple areas (mathematics, words, travel, creation...) to offer a complete suite of activities for kids and parents to interact with each other.”

 -   ©  Mitsue Haya  -

All artwork is © Mitsue Haya, or their respective copyright holders. It is forbidden to download, copy, alter,
distribute and/or reproduce any of these images,music or video in any form without written permission by the artist or copyright owners.
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