Before working as an animator she graduated at Shobi Music Business University (Japan) in 1997, with a specialization in  Marketing and Communication.

She began her activity as an assistant, and later as an animator at Fusako Yusaki’s Studio in Milan, from 1997 to 2001. Among her works for Fusako we can mention the series “Peo in Switzerland”, 13 episodes for Swiss Television (2000).

Since 2001 she has been working as a stop motion animator and director at Crackartoons Studios, where she’s been directing and animating several short films. 

The pilot episode of her character "Nanà" was selected at Annecy 2003 in the category TV films.
She also animated the teaser for the stop motion series "Giacomo’s Stories", co-produced by RAI Italian Television,
and the short  "Lupo Dentro",  a non-competing film at SICAF 2008 FESTIVAL ( In Korea).

She worked on several TV commercials and, thanks to her skill with manual art, she realized characters, maquettes, costumes and set design.
Among her most recent works there are Mutti, Madigan Shoes, Aisea, Minì and Fedeli Cashmere.
She has animated clips for the exhibition Homo Sapiens (Palace of Exhibitions in Rome) as well as having participated in the development of Mexican short film: Defectuosos.

She's actually working for the american company Curious Hat, on her characters "My Diary" for "Eye Paint", an educational application for Apple's devices.


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